Friday, June 3, 2011

Mojo Queen central casting

I'm sick and plan to spend the weekend curled up with my Kindle reading some of the books I bought today. I had a few ideas for a post but frankly they all required more work than I can handle right now. ;) So! How about something fun...

No matter how unlikely it is to happen, there's probably not a writer alive who doesn't fantasize at least once about their book being optioned for a movie. For me all this involves is casting the movie. I don't really care about Oscars but an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss or Best Fight would be cool. I mean, if we're going to be shallow here, let's be shallow all the way. Anyway, back to casting.

It took a while for me to figure who I would cast in Mojo Queen. For main character Roxie Mathis, I eventually settled on Rachel Weisz. She is English and I have no idea if she could do a decent Southern accent, though she could certainly do no worse than the hot mess of fake accents you hear on True Blood. I definitely think she could bring to life Roxie's mixture of vulnerability and boldness that keeps me so interested in writing the character. I couldn't find a picture of Weisz in glasses but I really like this pic to represent Roxie. She looks like she's saying, cross the line, I dare you. (Saying that to Blake, no doubt.)

Daniel Rambin, Roxie's vampire ancestor and best friend, was easier to cast. He's charming, he's a little goofy, he can flip out to crazy-dangerous at the worst of times, he looks like a young Robert Redford. Who else but Brad Pitt?

And I'm not even that much of a Brad Pitt fan, but I think he'd make a great Daniel. I can see him playing the character with great relish in a scene where Daniel busts out with some old country song, something crazy like Harper Valley PTA. That would at least have to make the cut as a DVD extra.

Blake Harvill was the really tough one to cast. He started out as a bad guy, then became Roxie's love interest. He's a sorcerer, shady and dangerous and kind of flaky. Once he became the love interest he was tall and had dark hair and a sexy arrogant smirk. Sometimes I considered David Boreanaz as Blake, because, well, David Boreanaz is just freaking awesome. I mean, my love for Spike is eternal, but Angel had his moments. Boy did Angel have his moments. And Boreanaz is the only reason I can still sit through an episode of Bones.

But then I stumbled across a picture of Zachary Quinto that immediately made me say "That's Blake!"

Dark chocolate eyes, stubble, and Roxie likes it when he bites his lip. (I don't know, she just does.) I think they both could play Blake's darkness and his occasional flakiness. Boreanaz might have the edge when it came time for Blake to tempt Roxie with his seductive side.

So what do you think of my casting choices? Who would you cast as the leads in a movie of your own book? Share in the comments, or even better write your own post about it (don't forget pictures!) and leave the link in the comments. I'd love to read similar posts.

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