Thursday, May 26, 2011

For drabness sake

There are some weeks that offer treats with one hand while kicking you in the 'nads with a booted foot, and this was one of them. I mean, there's good stuff happening. I've just had my call for submissions approved by Lyrical Press.


And I'm totally stoked about this. I've been wanting to bring darker, grittier stuff back into my life and I'm absolutely fecking happy about this. I've also had some absolutely delightful submissions. The Meet me at Dusk call for subs is indefinite, which means I'll sporadically trot this pony out and say "Hey howzit" to authors that I'm the editor you want to speak to about getting your dark and urban fantasy published at Lyrical Press.

The only other bright spark is that I filed a story with a national newspaper today, and it's a story I reckon I can feel justifiably proud of as it features one of my favourite artists. More on that later when it goes to print and I can put some virtual linkage up.

Other than that, I'm writing, editing and reading, and trying not to be too glum. Because overall I'm having a month that can only be summed up in one word: blegh!

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Misha said...

Nice! If I go back to my urban fantasy, I might consider taking you up on your offer.