Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year's Resolutions 2016

To be honest, I normally eschew New Year's resolutions. Heck, I'll break 'em before January 31.

However, on the writing side, I've pretty much committed myself to at least the following:

1) Finish/revise three angel paranormal romances
2) Write at least four full-length screenplays
3) Get that TV pilot written
4) Write the second book of a planned four-book series
5) Write faster (That may be the first resolution to go flying out the proverbial window.)
6) Revise crime drama screenplay and enter it into contests
7) Convert The Ripper's Daughter to digital and upload it to B&N, Kobo, and Amazon

On the reading side, just for fun:

1) Read Tale of Genji
2) Read War and Peace
(Both will probably take a year to read altogether.)
3) Join the Savvy Readers 50 Book Challenge

Suppose I could add a few meaningful resolutions, such as:

1) Stop procrastinating
2) Get more motivated

All in all, though, the year is starting out quite well. I've just finished compiling the manuscript pages for Serpent Fire. And a secret project I'm working on is also coming along well. My goal is to have them both ready to submit by February 29 or before.

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