Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Homage to Women in Horror - Part 3

And so we come to the final post in my three-part tribute to women horror writers.

Several of my fellow horror hounds over on the AbsoluteWrite forum have also been honouring Women in Horror Month, so this week I'd like to give them a shout-out. Go check out their blogs, because they are all worth a read.

Rhoda Nightingale: Rhoda's 'Glitter and Gore' blog does what it says on the tin, and she has several posts paying tribute to Women in Horror.

Damien Walters Grintalis: Damien has a lot of guest posts for Women in Horror month on her blog, including one from me. Do read the post about Ripley from the 'Alien' movies, by Molly Tanzer. She makes some jolly good points.

Brittany Maresh: On her blog, Brittany has listed the female horror writers who have inspired her at different stages of her life.

Tracy Pittman: Tracey's 'Flying With Broken Wings' blog pays tribute to more female horror writers, and she also explains why she writes horror.

As we come to the end of Women in Horror month, I'm aware that I've barely scratched the surface in naming women horror writers, even counting all the links that my fellow Horror Hounds have posted. We are to be found everywhere, we women in horror, and we are a much larger force than people might think.

Ladies of horror, remember to say it loud: "I am a woman. I write horror. I am proud."

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LM Preston said...

Oh I'm happy to find out about these writers. I like horror and haven't read very many written by females. Thanks for the list.