Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Geek Excitement: Resident Evil 6

This week's post is not about writing, but if you will indulge me I want to burble on about one of my other obsessions - computer games. More specifically, one particular game.

If you've been following my blog Imaginary Friends, you will know I have something of an obsession with playing 'Resident Evil 4'.

We have 'Resident Evil 5' as well, but in my view it's just not as good. Sure, the graphics are better - RE4 is only available on the Nintendo Wii, and it was never really designed to be a superior graphics machine. But I prefer the Wii controls to the PS3 controls. I am a hopeless shot. The Wii controls are gentler on those who are crap shots.

But the game itself just has more atmosphere than its sequel. In RE4, Leon spends a lot of time runing around alone (apart from occasional cut scene interactions with NPCs, and of course the interactions with the very annoying Ashley) in a lonely and creepy part of rural Spain, being attacked by zombies and other unnatural beasties, on a dark rainy night. RE5, set in the daytime under the baking sun of Africa, just doesn't have the same atmosphere.

And then, of course, the game has Leon. Leon is hot. I have a solid faction of female friends who all drool over Leon. The main character in RE5 is Chris Redfield, who doesn't have the same lust factor.

'Resident Evil' as a series has been around for years. Not being familiar with the game before RE4, I can't say anything about what earlier games were like, but I gather that the same characters have been popping up periodically throughout the series - Chris and his sister Claire; Leon; Krauser; Jill Valentine; Ada Wong. Each game progresses the plot along, with points from the previous series occasionally referred to. The films follow through with this. I hear rumour there's a new film in development - live action this time - that will feature all of the series' characters. Including Leon. Can't wait for that one.

Anyway, more exciting than that is the news that 'Resident Evil 6' is being released later this year. It's on the PS3, not the Wii, so I will have to get a handle on the awkward controls. But the graphics will be great. And, more relevant, this game features Leon. In full PS3 CGI glory. Woohoo!

For a taster, here's the trailer:


John Wiswell said...

If you have a 360, Capcom has re-released RE4 for download in HD. Supposed to be a comprehensive port.

Gosh, I hope RE6 is more like 4 than 5, but the faith is little given that it's co-op again. The tension is never the same when you're annoyed with your partner.

Sara-Jayne Townsend said...

Hi John

Thanks for your comments. I have a PS3, but I hear rumour RE4 is going to be available on that soon, too.

Heard similiar dissatisfaction from others about RE5. Guess we'll have to wait and see what RE6 is like.