Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Intentions

Come December and I, like many authors, think about my writing goals for the following year. The operating word here being “think.”

I suck at setting goals. Really. I start out with good intentions but don’t always follow through. NaNoWriMo is an exception. But that also shows me I can succeed at this goal-setting thing if I want to.

Here are a few objectives for 2012:

1. Keep my two main blogs updated with reviews, interviews, and posts.

2. Review more books.

3. Read at least 52 books next year.

4. Revise and submit the 3 manuscripts I’m currently working on.

5. Finish the 4 works-in-progress.

6. Get 2 book contracts. (Hey, I can dream, can’t I?) :-)

7. Write at least 1 screenplay (Script Frenzy) and polish the other.

8. Enter a writing contest.

9. Join 1 or 2 local writers’ groups (contingent on membership requirements).

Manageable, right? Certainly hope so. If nothing else, this list will keep me accountable. Now to print it out and hang it on my cork board.


Greta said...

Gosh. Good luck. My goals are nowhere near so ambitious. Finsich the two current WIPs, start at least one new book, keep the blog and website going. And maybe sell more books?

But then, I'm retired. Don't want to be too busy.

Hey, best of luck. It'll be interesting to see how you went this time next year.

Leslie Lynch said...

Wow, Pam! I'm a good two or three weeks from even THINKING about next year's goals. That said, I have met most of last year's goals, which I didn't realize until this moment. So thanks for nudging me to begin thinking about next year's goals in such a sunny light! Goal setting works, as long as they are reasonable. You have more chance than most of meeting yours, ambitious as they appear to me! You have lots of energy and imagination, and a great work ethic. You can't go wrong with that combo!

PamelaTurner said...

Thanks, Greta! And here I thought they weren't ambitious at all. :-)

Best of luck with your goals.

PamelaTurner said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on meeting your goals. I don't know why I thought about the goals now. Guess I thought about where I wanted to be as a writer this time next year. :-)