Monday, November 7, 2011

A big challenge

The year is winding down but I find myself busier than ever right now. I've started the second volume of my paranormal serial and I've started a new and very challenging work in progress. This new WIP has already required a lot of world-building and I've realized there is more yet to do. I have to create a magical system: elements, correspondences, tools, basic spells. Pretty much the whole shebang. I've never done this before and I am both intimidated and excited by the prospect. Normally I write about existing systems, like hoodoo in the Mojo series. Coming at magic from a different angle, specifically not nature-based, is going to be, well, challenging.

This new WIP is going to have me using that word a lot, challenging. Sometimes I think I might be taking on something too big for me to handle. The story and the characters mean a lot to me though, and I want to write this book. Sometimes we don't find out if we can do a thing until after we've done it.

So I've got some reference materials ready, a spiral notebook waiting to be filled, and a few vague ideas about alternatives to the old standbys of earth, air, fire, and water. This should be fun!

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