Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My second novel DEATH SCENE was released on Monday, and so for today's post I am giving it a shameless plug.

DEATH SCENE is the first of a series of novels featuring my amateur sleuth, Canadian actress Shara Summers. Summoned back to England to be with her family during a time of crisis, Shara discovers doctors are at a loss as to what is causing her sister Astrid’s debilitating sickness. After her aunt is found dead at the bottom of the stairs the death is deemed an accident. Shara suspects otherwise. Her investigation unearths shocking family secrets and a chilling realization that could have far-reaching and tragic consequences that affect not only her own future, but Astrid’s as well.

Here is a taster from DEATH SCENE:

The smell of decay hit me right away, and I knew something was wrong. “Hello?” I called again. I stepped forward, down the dingy corridor, assuming Ruth was, as always, in her backroom. My foot brushed against something on the floor. I looked down. Ruth lay crumpled at the foot of the stairs.

For a moment, I just stared at her, unable to move. Ruth was on her side, her body bent almost in half, her glasses askew, her mouth hanging open. One arm was thrown out from underneath her body, the other curled up by her abdomen. Her hands were like claws, the knuckles enlarged and misshapen.

“Auntie Ruth!” I bent down and touched her face, and recoiled quickly. Her skin was cold. Her eyes were open, staring sightless, and there was no movement in her chest. Her body looked twisted and distorted. It was quite clear she was dead.

DEATH SCENE is now available from Lyrical Press, Inc. If you've got a Kindle and would prefer the one-click option for purchase, you can buy direct from Amazon (this link if you're in the US, and this link if you're in the UK).

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