Friday, July 1, 2011

The Bradbury Institute

I have a project that I work on for fun, usually on weekends and sometimes when the main work in progress isn't, um, working. It's something I have no intention of submitting anywhere so I've decided to post it as a free weekly serial.

A bit of background from the Stories page:

The Bradbury Institute is a small private organization dedicated to the study of magic and the occult. Its members are scholars, magicians, psychics, plus a few individuals of … unique origin. In addition to academic research members are often involved in the search for rare magical artifacts, as well as a larger secret mission.

Stories will include dangerous grimoires, fantastical creatures, heroes and villains, and whatever else the author can come up with. Also adult language, occasional violence, and quite probably sex - so consider yourself warned.

And here's a brief blurb about the first story, The Key of Darkness:

The Key of Darkness is an ancient grimoire designed for summoning and subjugating a powerful entity from deep within the lowest levels of Hell. The sorcerer who utilizes the Key will have unimaginable evil at their fingertips, to do with as their darkest desires dictate.

The Key was meant to be entrusted for safe-keeping at the Bradbury Institute but it has been stolen by an impulsive young thief. Now the race is on to retrieve the grimoire before he sells it to the highest bidder.

A new chapter will be posted every Wednesday. The Key of Darkness began this week so go on over to The Bradbury Institute and check it out. I'm having a lot of fun writing this and I hope readers enjoy it too!

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