Friday, February 4, 2011

A little Spike-y goodness

Sorry for the late posting, it's been a busy day here at Casa de Clark and I didn't have a post ready to go. I've actually got a couple of good ideas for posts I want to do, but they require more brain power than I'm capable of right now. In lieu of an interesting post I offer you this - Spike making fun of Angel.

Oh, Spike, how I miss you. I really need to start that Great Buffy/Angel Rewatch of 2011 soon.

Have a good weekend!


Sara-Jayne Townsend said...

I'm hankering after a Great Buffy/Angel Watch this year, too! Just have to finish watching a couple of other series first!

Fortunately, FX and Syfy channel in the UK both show multiple Buffy episodes every Saturday & Sunday, so I can get my weekly Buffy fix!


Anonymous said...

I recently watched season one of another Whedon show, Dollhouse. Once I finish the second and final season of it I'll start watching Buffy. I'm going to wait about starting Angel until season four of Buffy and watch them as they aired. Because I'm crazy that way. ;-)