Friday, February 25, 2011

A brief ramble

Sorry for the late posting. We've been hard at work spending some of our tax refund money today. Clothes, kitchen implements, towels, some stuff for our dog, and my two favorite purchases: a cover for my Kindle and three new paperbacks. Ha! Yes, I love my Kindle and I love ebooks but I will always love browsing in a book store. And if I'm going to browse, well, I don't think I've ever gotten out of a bookstore without making a purchase. Although I know I'll be buying more and more ebooks, I know I'll also continue to buy physical books. Most readers will probably have a mix, due to availability and pricing. The books I bought today are books 3-5 in a series that I have the first two books in paperback, so I figured why not stick with the same format for that series. It's the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. If you like paranormal romance with a heavy dose of urban fantasy style action then I highly recommend this series. Cat is a terrific, likable heroine, but frankly it's her vampire lover Bones that makes these books for me. He is ... well, let's just say he reminds me a lot of a certain other English vampire with dyed blond hair. This is a Good Thing. (There's a reason why Chapter 32 of the second book is legendary.)

Oh, and during the trip I read a novella on my Kindle. We live in a small town and have to drive an hour for the kind of major league shopping we did today. Living that far from a book store is why I've been an Amazon customer for years, as well as being part of what makes ebooks so attractive. That free super saver shipping for orders over twenty-five dollars is great for books, but it seems to take longer and longer for those orders to arrive. One-click ordering and it downloads to your ereader in moments is mighty convenient. Potentially dangerous to the bank account, too, so I have to practice restraint. So far, so good.

There's a couple of links I'd like to share. First, Sara Townsend has a great guest post on Julia Knight's blog about how to keep your editor happy. As always, Sara's got some great advice. Second, I got a new review for Bring on the Night. It's a good one, and I was really excited to get it because it's been quite some time since I got a review. You can read it here.

Now I'm off to dive into a Night Huntress book, At Grave's End.

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