Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Changing Times

On January 2, 2014, Lyrical Press authors received word that the digital publisher was acquired by Kensington Publishing Corp. as one of its imprints.

What does this mean for Lyrical authors? For some, it means getting the rights back to their works. For others, it means signing a new contract(s), and venturing on to new opportunities. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Definitely. But the unknown always is, and it's how we decide to approach it that helps determine the outcome.

You can read Kensington's press release here.

As for me, I've elected to stay with Lyrical, since my urban fantasy is scheduled to come out in a few months. There will be a lot of work during this transition period, so I'm trying to focus on writing and submitting other stories while I wait. Today, also received news about another submission at another house, but until I get the official word, I'm not saying any more.

I will say, though, that 2014 may be my year. :-)

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