Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Character I'd Like to Write

Twin Engine Airplane, Morguefile.com
Certain characters seem destined for popularity. Special Ops, FBI, CIA, Navy SEALS, etc. draw us into worlds some of us can only imagine, ones of excitement and danger.

I've a confession. I want to write about an NTSB investigator. Why? Because I find the job of investigating aviation accidents fascinating, although that's not all the NTSB does. But I haven't quite figured out what I want my character to specialize in. In aviation investigations, each member of the Go Team has a specific specialty, such as weather, air traffic control, powerplant, etc.

People might wonder what's so exciting about an NTSB investigator's job? The NTSB can't, far as I know, arrest people, and I haven't seen them chasing down suspects or committing exciting feats. Well, not in real life. For example, if there's a crime and the FBI becomes involved, the NTSB has to cooperate with the other federal agency.

But, like a friend told me, I'm writing fiction. And while I want my stories to be grounded in a certain reality, obviously, there'll be some poetic license. Like, maybe a supernatural bent. I don't know yet. Right now, it's more R&D than anything. Hopefully, something will come of it.

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Li said...

It would be fascinating! My husband was a pilot, and there's quite a lot involved in aviation investigations. On a side note, we were vacationing on the Bahamas and found part of a commercial aircraft landing gear on a deserted beach. We contacted the FAA and NTSB with photos and location. never heard anything more about it, and I've always been curious. now I think I'll follow it up!