Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Praise of Dragons

This is the Year of the Dragon. While my Chinese astrology sign is the sheep/goat, I have an affinity for dragons, so I'm excited about what 2012 has to bring (besides Mayan doom prophecies and a Venus Transit).

I love dragons. To me, they're powerful creatures who are guardians and protectors. Seven dragons share my office in various guises from a small glass statue to a wall-mounted dragon holding a dagger. I even have books on drawing dragons and dragon mythology. But I've yet to write a dragon-centric story. No doubt there's one lurking somewhere in my subconscious. When I do write that work-in-progress, I'll let you know. :-)  

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon (and my love of animation), I found this PiLi puppet video via a fellow author. The stop motion animation is extraordinary and I love the puppet designs. (Note: To me, animation is an art form and I have a high degree of respect for it.) For those who don't know, PiLi is a puppet show from Taiwan made by Pili International Multimedia.

Please enjoy!


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