Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Digital Conferences and Challenges

This week I'm hanging out at the Muse Online Writers Conference. I'm also participating in BIAM_Writathon with the intention of finishing my vampire short story and revising both the werewolf novella and the Zaphkiel Project. Nice thing about BIAM is there's no pressure. Having other writers cheer you on doesn't hurt, either. :-)

But I digress. Currently, I'm looking at four workshops in the Muse Con. If I could forgo such necessities as eating or sleeping, I'd take more classes. Writing is an ongoing learning process and I look for such opportunities, even submitting my work for feedback. (Yes, I'm nervous about what the instructor will say about my first page submission!)

The Muse Online Con is my second digital conference. Last year, I participated in Coyote Con, a month long conference. I saved the transcripts to a folder for future reference. At some point, I'll organize my notes for easier access. Call me weird, but I have a binder marked Query/Agent, another labeled Characters, etc., all filled with handouts, notes, and articles on their respective subjects. If I need to check a character writing tip, I pull that particular binder. Easier than trying to find the same information in a pile of writing magazines. But that's just me. Your mileage may vary.

I don't know if Coyote Con will continue. (It wasn't held this year.) The Muse Online Writers Conference seems to be ongoing every October. This year's registration is closed, though.

Are digital conferences the wave of the future, given the expense and impracticality of travel? Possibly. But I'm still thinking about that day trip to Nashville and every year I make it a point to go to Bowling Green for their con. Then again, I can drive those distances.

Happy writing!

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