Monday, March 7, 2011

Don't Forget to Dream

Once you're published, its easy to get comfortable with where you're at. I have two great publishers and have had the opportunity to work with editors that have stretched my writing ability and taught me more things than I could've ever hoped to learn. With them I've taken my writing to new heights and I'm proud to say that my current manuscripts are much better than the last.

But I've gotten used to working with my publishers, my editors, and everyone at the houses. I love ebooks and the world of ebooks, but I can't help put want to dream bigger.

I know plenty of ebook authors who are quite happy with staying with the micro presses and they've forged terrific careers, but I've always been a dreamer. And when I dream, I dream big. Which leads me to my next thing...

I've submitted a manuscript to Kensington.

That's right. My current finished manuscript is in the slush pile on some editor's (he requested the manuscript after reading my query and a partial) desk as we speak, just waiting to be read, judged, and given a sentence.

While this is happening, I am anxiously waiting on pins and needles. Its like waiting for a guy to call you after a date. You think it went well and wait near the phone (in this case, my inbox) for that sign that he thinks you two are a great match. You have no control over whether or not he's going to call or even when, but you obsess anyway.

At worst, I'll get a form rejection letter. At best, a yes letter with an offer. I'm hoping for the latter but would be grateful for a compromise (revise and resubmit letter). I have a friend that says the longer they hold onto the novel, the better your chances are--because that means they haven't read it and hated it. Heck, at this point, they probably have a long queue ahead of me. I don't mind. I'm just hoping for the best.

Anyway, that's my whole dreaming big moment. I'm hoping for Kensington to call or email me.

Wish me luck and remember to keep dreaming.


Sonya Clark said...

I'd appreciate some tips on how to "get comfortable with where you're at." ;-)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you with Kensington!

PamelaTurner said...

Good luck with your submission. :-) I haven't submitted to Kensington but did receive an encouraging email.